Italy: Tiziana Commits Suicide After Her Sex-Tape Went Viral

Five minutes of pleasure leads to an endless agony . Tiziana Cantone – an Italian girl ended her life after suffering days and nights of humiliation and insults over her leaked sex video.

The 31 years old forwarded the sensuous video to her ex-boyfriend and 3 more friends who made sure it went viral.  This miserable act made Tiziana suffer extreme consequences more than she had ever imagined.

Tiziana left her home place after seeing that a lot of damage was done and she knew she could not survive there with such disgrace. In an attempt to rescue whatever was left for her, she made a decision to quit her job and moved to Tuscany with an attempt to change her name but all her efforts were in vain as the unpleasant nightmare kept following her like a hawk. She tried twice to take her life away  but it all turned out to be a fail attempt. The burden however was getting on her nerves so to get rid of all the humiliation she ended her life in her third and final attempt at her aunt’s place on Tuesday in Mognano near Naples.

The four men are now being inquired as the concerned suspects by the local prosecutors, almost after a year the video was coursed on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other online networks.

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Her arresting words “You’re Filming? Bravo!” spread like fire on the internet which made her a laughing stock before the public and otherwise. The phrase was printed on T-shirts, Smart phone covers and a lot of other items. Many are criticizing on this event by naming it shame and distress.The Italian government expressed its anger and discomfort by addressing: “It’s for the most part a social fight as well as a political fight. We are putting all our dedication to do whatever we can according to our own political and social standing. Violence against women is something that is not an ineradicable wonder yet in case of this subject there’s not more that we can do.”- Matteao Ranzi. – Italian Prime Minister.


Tiziana’s Funeral was aired live as well as trailed by many mourners as the coffin passed by. Her family has filed an appeal for justice to end the humiliation under the subject “Right to be forgotten”.

The court asked to delete the video from all the platforms and declared it a “Ban Content”.

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Italy: Tiziana Commits Suicide After Her Sex-Tape Went Viral