13 Hilarious Job Interview Scenarios of Famous Companies

There are so many reasons that make famous companies unique – including their way of conducting job interviews.

Here are 13 hilarious job interview scenarios which could have possibly occurred with people interviewing for famous companies:

1. Everything from IKEA is in the most basic form, and it requires a lot of effort and time.

Sort that out, and you’re in!

Via: Leonid Khan

2. At Starbucks, it is their mission to make sure that you spell another person’s name wrong…

…and then write it in the worst possible handwriting.

Via: Leonid Khan

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3. At McDonald’s, it is always better that you are over qualified for the job!

Via: Leonid Khan

4. They probably only hire those people in the postal service who are good at misplacing objects.

The more you lose, the stronger your position is.

Via: Leonid Khan



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13 Hilarious Job Interview Scenarios of Famous Companies

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