20 Jokes That Just Highlight People’s Misery Yet Make You Laugh

Some people just say random things and they turn out to be hilarious jokes. They are just born with an innate excellent sense of humor. But some people have a dark sense of humor, and quite honestly, they are funnier than the average comedians.

They make fun of the miseries of life, yet their jokes are not insensitive. Sometimes they do cross a line while making fun of the anxieties and sadness and offend people struggling with mental illnesses, but I guess they don’t intend to do that. They are funny people and tend to make light of every situation in life.

1. Reminds me of Chandler remembering his parent’s divorce on every thanksgiving.

2. No, I don’t give a fuck about anything else.

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3. Isn’t it the most relatable thing ever?

4. 2016 is a sad story

5. Sad tweets are always a mirror. LOSER!