16 Jokes From The Simpsons That You Didn’t Understand As Kids

If you are one of the kids born in the 90’s, there is no chance that The Simpsons did not catch your attention. You would always wonder why your parents would dislike your choice of cartoons.

The first episode of Simpson’s aired in 1989; 18 years down the road, and it is still argued whether Simpson’s really is a show for the kids or not, for it contains mild sexual content, verbal abuses and don’t forget the insane amount of alcohol that Homer consumes.

Anyways, if you go back to the times where this ‘cartoon’ show fascinated you, you can count on instances where you never really understood the jokes that now seem funny to the older you. Below is a compilation of all such scenes where you were clueless as a kid.

1. Just a fancy name for a shop, right?

2. Smell is probably the coolest sensing power that humans could ever possess.

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3. Well, that escalated quite too quickly.

Via: Buzzfeed

4. From the name to the description, everything on point.