You Won’t Believe The Reasons Why These 18 Kids Threw A Tantrum

Kids can be a little tough to handle, given that there is less space for common sense sometimes in their minds and more for fairy tale wishes. Sometimes that comes into a battle with the reality of parents and as a result, kids think their parents aren’t really .. well, the best!

This Instagram account going by the name ‘assholeparents’ is filled with such kids who had the most absurd wishes .. Parents are sharing their #assholeparents moments with the world to see what it’s like to be a parent, and that too, not a good one according to their kids.

There’s no birthday party, but she asked me for a hat and balloons so I blew some and now she’s mad because they won’t float.

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It’s night time, and I can’t make the sunshine come back. I’m such an #assholeparent.

Apparently not letting my son eat the dog food makes me an #assholeparent.

Because I don’t have the “right” pancakes so I’m an #assholeparent.