Kids Who Are Winning At Life!

Kids are cute. Kids are adorable. They are messy and are many other things but they are the best at making jokes without even knowing what the word ‘joke’ means. We will cut the chase here and get straight to the point so that you can see how these tiny humans outrun us when it comes to life, giving us a few lessons which we can learn too.

A cart full of food is life.

No matter how stressed you are or how worried you are, get some food, lay back and enjoy.


Magic is pretty but money is important.

You always have to bargain no matter who you are dealing with; mom, fairies, President of The United States, it’s all about the money.


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When all else fails, stick to the facts.

This goes for all those college students who just can’t keep up with those long notes and detailed graphs. Be smart and stick to what no one can deny.


Make mathematics a piece of cake, it’s the least of your worries.

People usually cry about what exactly is the purpose of learning Algebra. Well, you can always take the easy way out.





Rabbiya Abid

Pre-medical student who is madly in love with photography, writing and doodling along with staying in her room inside her own happy introverted bubble.

Kids Who Are Winning At Life!

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