Kim Kardashian Tweets That The World Will Remember Forever

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Kim Kardashian, the hour-glass figured Queen of Contouring and the most popular Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, proudly owns the celebrity pedestal of controversy. It is not just her leaked tapes, her magical make-up skills, and her bold fashion statements, but her ability to say the most absurd things that make her a unique entertainer. While she is a loud and confident woman who appears to be the epitome of independence and liveliness, her dumbness is almost cute, displayed nowhere else better than on her social media handles.

Here are her most lame Twitter pieces ever. Each one of them is iconic.

1. Thanksgiving and “seet potatoe souffle” 

2. Buying Christmas tree ornaments from Walmart 

3. Oh, God bless Marilyn’s soul 

4. Introducing a new medical condition 

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5. When “Mary J. Blidge” walked by her

6. When Kim calls something “scandalous” 

7. Reading is what iPads are made for

8. Announcing that she isn’t a dog-hater 

9. Quite a smart term it is

10. Sandra responded “OMG” 



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Kim Kardashian Tweets That The World Will Remember Forever

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