Kim Wants Divorce As Soon As Kanye Recovers From The Breakdown

Kim Kardashian has been by Kanye West’s side since the time he had a breakdown in November, all the while helping him recover.

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But the reality TV star is not all that happy with her marriage. According to sources she is waiting for the right time to proceed with the divorce and is planning a case for full custody of the kids.

The source earlier made claims that Kanye is not living in their Bel-Air mansion.

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Kim is sure about the divorce and is certain that she does not want to remain in a wedlock with Kanye. But the time is not too good to do that and she is waiting for her husband to get better.

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She genuinely cares about him and is very relieved that he is getting the help that he needs to recover but for some time, she has been feeling trapped.

A friend of the 36-year-old star added that Kim won’t make any decision until he is all better.

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Kim Wants Divorce As Soon As Kanye Recovers From The Breakdown

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