Man Leaves Doctors Stunned By Walking In A Hospital With A Knife Stabbed In His Head

A taxi driver was seen wandering around in a hospital with a knife half embedded into his head. The doctors and the onlookers were left dumbfounded. As soon as they realized the seriousness of his situation they sat him down on a wheelchair and took him to the operation theater.

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Cabbie Clever Campos, a Peruvian taxi driver, was stabbed on Sunday and the knife remained stuck in his head as he walked in the hospital. The neighbors claimed that they discovered the man walking around in daze. The neighbors directed him towards the hospital for him to get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Campos stayed conscious after being stabbed in the head as a result of an ugly argument that turned violent. He was even able to talk to a friend. The police suspect Henry Salda Sousa for the assault.

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The arrested suspect has accepted that he committed the crime in response to the victim stealing his motorcycle, which he uses as his taxi.

As he walked around, an ambulance was called immediately and was rushed to the Loreto Regional Hospital where he was recorded walking around on his own with paramedics following closely behind.

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It took surgeons several hours to take the knife out, the victim remained conscious throughout his four hours of surgery but went through a brain trauma. Campos, 28, is still in the hospital kept under intensive care as the doctors still believe he is in a critical condition.

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The doctors claim that the young man had a traumatic brain injury, yet, he remained resilient and fought with it, all while he was conscious.

The doctors remained to be taciturn about his condition post surgery. They refused to give any updates.

Although there is not much that we know as to how the man is doing now but taking his resilience in consideration we are hoping for good.



Man Leaves Doctors Stunned By Walking In A Hospital With A Knife Stabbed In His Head