Funniest Tweets About Lady Things That Will Get Anyone Laughing

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When have the women of Twitter ever failed to brighten our day with their glorious and succinct wisdom slash humor? Never! And now since everybody’s sick and tired of glossing over female realities, including bosoms, lady parts and that time of the month, these women have decided to expose the unladylike side of their personalities and basically just, RULE TWITTER.

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You don’t need to be a woman to find them funny, but they’re sure to make you laugh if you are.  If you’re still not ready to digest jokes about boobs, vaginas, and periods? You’re going to have to scroll past these real quick.

P.s You’ll be missing out on some HILARIOUS jokes. Just saying.

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Not everyone gets it, but those who do appreciate it on a very deep level

Makes sense that the man of steel would also have buns of steel