Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Life After Marriage

Marriage is all about love. It’s about those sweet compromises. Those late night cuddles, Sunday morning breakfasts, walking with each other through life and most importantly, marriage is about having your own little world which is perfect. True? Well, partly true. What no one told you is that married life is actually about those little things which make you want to push the other person off the bed. All the habits that you at one time found cute, turn into something annoying and that just makes you want to walk out the door at that very moment. But you don’t. Because the other person has to deal with you no matter what, so maybe you can try putting up with their stuff too. Because even though you want to kill them, you love them too.

So here are some Tweets which perfectly sum up what married life is all about. Oh, and yes, these really will make you laugh out loud.

It is true, everything changes after marriage.

Via Twitter: TheCatWhisprer

After marriage, you can’t do anything as you want to do it. Nothing at all.


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This is the best excuse to keep yourself out of trouble

All the women know this feeling. If there was just a way to stop that snoring.



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Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Life After Marriage

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