Life Hacks That Are Rubbish And Are Of No Use At All!

Open Pinterest, search for life hacks and you will find a million hacks.

However, not every hack you see is worth trying.

Here are some hacks which are rubbish and are of no use at all:

1. There is a thing called iron.

And it is pretty common because a straightener can burn you.

Via: vorply

2. If the colored tape was supposed to highlight, they would have never made highlighters.

These things actually complicate your life.

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3. Drink a lot of apple juice and it will not only ruin your teeth…

but also you will rush to the washroom in the middle of the night.

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4. The Google Translate application coupled with Google Maps can ease things for you.

Trust me.

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Rida Mehtab

A chemical engineering major, but a confessional poetry enthusiast. My obsessions are simple: food, Manchester United, my cat, Sylvia Plath and my curiosity. (not necessarily in that order)

Life Hacks That Are Rubbish And Are Of No Use At All!

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