Kid Bodybuilder “Little Hercules” Is All Grown up And Shaped

Richard also knows as ‘little Hercules’, is only six in this picture. Look at all those muscles!

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Richard was born in Ukraine, opening his eyes first in 1992.

His parents, Pavel and Lena were both athletes, his dad, a martial arts world champion and his mother, an aerobics instructor. Richard along with his family moved to the United States when he was two.


Having athlete parents has its own perks. From a very young age, they gave him a workout routine. At first, it was stretching and aerobics and then it soon advanced into weight lifting.

After the family moved to California, they met a trainer. The Sandraks dreamt of seeing their son in showbiz, in order to achieve their goal they did everything they could, they even hired a trainer. Frank Giardina’s job was to make Richard bulky as to raise the popularity.


The kid did not disappoint his parent. At the young age of six, he was able to bench-press 180 pounds. Two years of practice later, he could effortlessly handle 210 pounds.

When his pictures hit the internet, it stirred a lot of debate. Regardless of how impressive his body was or how hard working the boy was, people raised questions if it is really decent of parents to set such high goals for their kids and then push them to such extreme lengths.

The critics to make sense when you look at his routine. Richard’s father made him do 100 hundreds of reps daily. And the poor child was also deprived of eating what all other kids ate. He had a strict diet and under no circumstances was he allowed to eat junk food or sweets.


When Richard was 11 years old, his dad went to jail for assaulting his wife. At that point, Richart stopped bodybuilding. But, obviously, that is not where everything ends. He is all grown up now.

Although he does not power lifts, he keeps himself healthy and in shape with cardio exercises.


Richard now has a super cool job. He works as a stuntman at Universal Studios Hollywood. Probably, for him jumping from high platforms and getting into accidents are easier tasks than body building.

If you are worried that he is still stuck in his past or is remorseful about it, breathe! He says, “I’m very proud of my past. It’s not something I don’t want people to know, it’s just that I’m not going to be stuck living in it”

We are glad to know that and we hope he achieves all the best things in life.



Kid Bodybuilder “Little Hercules” Is All Grown up And Shaped