Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Long-Term Relationships

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A UK based artist, Sarah Graley just drew the most adorable comics capturing the essence of her relationship with Stef, her sassy boyfriend of six years. If you’re anything like Sarah and Stef, by that I mean, if you’re a weird couple, these comics will speak volumes to you.

“Every comic I draw as part of this series is a real-life event,” Sarah told. “So all the super cute and also super gross stuff really happened!” 

“Stef’s this whole other human being but it totally feels like we’re just one person!” she added. “It’s so comforting to have someone you can talk to about anything, and he’s always helping me with my comics. I feel like we’re this tight little unit and it’s exciting to be this team together! I feel like we can take on anything.” 

These comics prove relationships may have various ups and downs but every day is a hilarious adventure with the little moments even if it’s just buying a new shower gel. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, these relationship comics are awfully cute and relatable. Take a look at them below and don’t forget to share them with your weird significant other.

All about the new shower gel

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When your hair are long and soft, he should touch them even if he doesn’t want to

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When you overdose on true crime podcasts.

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WHAT? A little loaf of BREAD?

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Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Long-Term Relationships

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