‘Making a Murderer’s’ Influence Brendan Dassey Being Released from Prison

Making a Murderer is a controversial documentary thriller series aired on Netflix. In a ten episode series, it shows how an innocent man is framed for murder.

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Brendan Dassey was sentenced to prison in 2007 for being involved in murder, sexual assault and mutilation of a corpse along with his uncle Steven Avery. He confessed to the murder but refused from his words in court.

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US Magistrate Judge William E. Duffin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, overturned the conviction in August 2016. Duffin believes that the confession was forced, and involuntary.

US Magistrate Judge William E. Duffin Via: Archive JS Online

Dassey will be released from prison under the supervision of the US Probation Office.

At a young age of 16, Dassey confessed in 2005 to assisting his uncle Steven Avery in raping and murdering Teresa Halbach. She had disappeared after meeting Avery. When her vehicle was found, Avery’s bloodstains were found in the car.

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Making a Murderer highlights the wrongful conviction of Avery and Dassey. It is suggested that Dassey was not only young but had a low IQ that made him involuntary confess.

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‘Making a Murderer’s’ Influence Brendan Dassey Being Released from Prison

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