Twitter Teaches Man Who Only Dates Hot Women A Good Lesson

Some people peacefully exist in the world. They live as good citizens and go on with their lives normally until one day, they decide to make a joke out of themselves on the internet. This man did the same thing by giving an interview about how he does not date hot women anymore. Twitter decided to teach him a little lesson for saying something like this:

Via: Distractify

Check out some of the best tweets:

1. So the New York Post actually posted the interview of this guy who just doesn’t date hot girls anymore. 

I wish I had a delusional kind of self-confidence as well.

2. Looking at his photograph, I wouldn’t really agree with the muscular build and the head full of hair part. 

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3. So he is going to get married as well and when you look at the girl, try not to feel sorry for her.

I wonder whether he includes her in the list of hot girls or not.



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Twitter Teaches Man Who Only Dates Hot Women A Good Lesson

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