Man Fulfills Photoshop Requests Quite Literally!

A guy on Twitter, James Fridman, has some unreal Photoshop skills. When people began to request him for edits, he decided to act.

For every request, James did as he was asked, but followed it very literally.

Here are some of the edits he made:

You either define funny Photoshop, or you get something you didn’t want plastered on you.

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Trust me, I have never seen a six pack of abs better than this one.

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[sc name=”Ad 300x 250 “]

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when I say unicorn? THE HORN!

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This is perhaps the best response this man has ever given to a person.


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If you want things to be clean, you have to take incentive yourself.

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Man Fulfills Photoshop Requests Quite Literally!

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