This Man’s “Ten Cans A Day” Experiment Warns You Of Potential Harms Of Drinking Coke

Among all means of sugar, cold drinks are criticized for disturbing the physical fitness of modern man the most. While their damaging effects are common knowledge, brands such as Coca-Cola  and Pepsi continue to prosper globally.

George Prior, 50 and father of three wanted the world to realize its negligence regarding the dangerous health consequences of excessive sugar intake in the form of Coke and other drinks.


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He drank ten cans of coke a day for a month alongside his regular diet and the result was a drastic increase in his waistline and blood pressure.


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Prior, who used to be lean, gained 2 stones in weight. His horrible body transformation proves that heavy consumption of Coke causes obesity.



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His blood pressure reached 145/96, insanely above the normal level of 120/80. He reports developing an uncontrollable craving for Coke and other sugar sources. He also experienced a “feeling of constant fullness.”

“’I wanted to remind everyone how much sugar they drink each day, and what a harmful impact it has on their health,’’ said George. After 30 days of sticking to this habit, he describes it as an “irritating chore” and never wants to do it again.

Prior also criticized Coke for its marketing techniques by saying that their new products are advertised in a manner to imply that they “care” , while they are only concerned about business. The new “Coca-Cola Life” that contains “natural sugar” is created to silence the researchers that reveal that the drink causes tooth decay, diabetes, heart stroke and even cancer.


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Shortly before Prior’s experiment, New York assemblyman, Karim Camara argued that fizzy drinks, like cigarette packets, should display a warning sign on their bottles. A regular Coke can alone contains 30g of sugar, while World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 25g-50g per day.

Let’s hope that Prior’s experience will be an eye opener for addicts.




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This Man’s “Ten Cans A Day” Experiment Warns You Of Potential Harms Of Drinking Coke