Adorable Greeting Cards Made Out Of MATCHBOXES!

What is the world talking about the most these days? Reducing waste to put less burden on this already over-burdened planet. A Vietnamese artist found a beautiful opportunity to do that, and so did this: Made beautiful greeting cards out of matchboxes!

Check them out:

In case you are missing someone, send them this.

It will surely lighten them up.

Via: 3XUdesign on Etsy

In case someone isn’t ready to forgive you, send them this.

(I would forgive anything for this adorable greeting.)

Via: 3XUdesign on Etsy

[sc name=”Ad 300x 250 “]

Or maybe this

Via: 3XUdesign on Etsy

After all, we all need a Batman.

This is what you should send to someone who always saves your day.

Via: 3XUdesign on Etsy



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Adorable Greeting Cards Made Out Of MATCHBOXES!

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