These Are The Most Pathetic Things That You Can Do At McDonalds’s Drive-Thru

No matter how fancy your favorite burger is, no one can deny the fact that every once in a while, they crave McDonald’s. There is something about that place which makes you eat it again and again. However, when you decide to satisfy your craving in your PJs and go for the Drive-Thru, there are some unwritten rules that you must follow:

1. When you are handed over your food, you must quickly take it and get going. You are making all the people behind you wait, you’re making the server feel like someone who will cheat on you and not give your McNuggets and you’re also getting him in trouble for not dealing with customers quickly. 

2. You should not blame the server for the mistakes done by people in the kitchen. If you are really that pissed, you can walk right in and get a change of order. 

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3. Knocking on the window is rather absurd. No one is going to allow you to keep standing there and blocking everyone else’s order so wait for the server to show up. 

Via: AV Club