Meek Mill Jests About Being Nicki Minaj’s Baby Dad-dy!

Nicki Minaj and beau Meek Mill are quite notorious for their dramatic announcements that often turn out to be misleading. We are pretty much aware of their tactics of keeping the media as well as their fans on their toes. Lately, they have been posting random pictures hinting towards some news and when that did not go as planned, they went for plan B and performed a bizarre publicity stunt.

One time it was Nicki alluding to Meek as her “Baby father” as he walked on the stage at her Burgettstown, PA concert. The audience was flabbergasted to hear this and raised a lot of queries.

Not only that, but this other time Nicki Minaj posted a picture of a lavish diamond ring on her ring finger and not to forget to mention the heart shaped emojis while posing with her boo Meek, insinuating an impending marriage. Only, that never happened. Well Nicki, we all know where you are coming from!

Another post this time made by Meek Mill was a picture of Nicki Minaj’s lookalike with a protruding belly and her arm settled on her baby bump. If anything to go by the image, ‘Nicki’ or her ‘photoshopped doppelganger’ is heavily pregnant.

Image Source: Google Images

The picture said, ” Haters will say it’s #photoshopped”.

What is Meek Mill trying to imply with this picture of Tammy Hembrow photoshopped as Nicki Minaj standing in front of a mirror with a very visible baby bump? He tagged Nicki Minaj in the picture and went a step further by tagging the baby bump as “Meek Mill”. Come on guys, grow up!

Image Source: Google Images

We all saw Nicki Minaj at the VMAs, August 28th, wearing a figure-hugging chic blue gown to the red carpet, and later she sported a sheath-like latex leotard while performing on stage with Ariana Grande. Neither of her dresses showed even the slightest of the ‘baby bump’. This proved it was another stunt performed by the cheeky couple. It is only humanly impossible to go from a flat stomach to a full baby bump!

Image Source: Google Images

Another notable aspect of the picture is Nicki’s hair color. Last time her hair was not blonde. Or maybe she just got them dyed recently. That’s another typical ‘Nicki Act’. We are honestly clueless as to what is Meek trying to get at.

Is it just one of their infamous pranks or is that an indication that they might be planning to get pregnant this time? Going by their history, it is probably a joke. They have done it before, they can do it now. Well, only time could tell.

Nicki you should probably stop trying to get to Drake and Rihanna’s love-fame level!



Meek Mill Jests About Being Nicki Minaj’s Baby Dad-dy!