Why Do Men Get Over Breakups Faster Than Women?

It is a common myth that women take ages to get over breakups while men smoothly transition from one girl to another. While women are eating their tub of ice-creams and drowning in their tears, men are out drinking and then finding new women to flirt with. Here are a few reasons why women take so long to get over breakups:

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1. By faking how they feel.

Men are not very keen when it comes to sharing their feeling. They like to suppress how they feel because feelings make them feel vulnerable. As a result, they find it better to switch women and party out because it distracts them from thinking about the girl who just broke their heart or whose heart they just broke.

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2. They rarely connect on a deeper level with the woman they were with.

Most men are never able to connect on a deeper level with the women they are with because connecting with someone like this and exposing everything to one person is scary for them. They think it will completely destroy them so breaking apart hurts less as compared to how a woman feels.

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3. Biologically speaking, men find it easier to move on.

As per Maslar, when men enter a relationship, the levels of testosterone in their bodies reduce and oxytocin increases. The latter makes them feel and express love. After they break up, testosterone goes up again and their tendency to love and feel loved reduces.

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Why Do Men Get Over Breakups Faster Than Women?

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