Miracle baby arrived after 16 Miscarriages Dies In Just Six Hours By Meningitis

Lizzie Allen overcame 16 miscarriages to give birth to her little bundle of joy. Sadly, all it took were six hours for meningitis to take her ‘miracle baby’ away from her forever.

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Fleur-Rose Allen lost the battle of life April 4th of this year. This beautiful little baby was born prematurely, a two-and-a-half month earlier than she was due.

15-months old when she last breathed, the baby girl was perfectly alright according to her mother before drifting to sleep, but as she woke up she had a slight temperature and was crying.

Lizzie Allen, a hairdresser, had to go through a difficult pregnancy to give birth to her baby girl on 2014′ New Year’s Eve.

Via: mirror.co

Fleur’s mother thought that it was only a bug and gave her Calpol and water. Sadly, she was declared dead after four cardiac arrests in next six hours.

The mother wanted to share the story so that the parents can understand how quickly meningitis can take away a life.

“Fleur-Rose was so healthy,” she said affectionately, “She was toddling and laughing the day before she died.”

She recollected everything, “At 1pm on the day we lost her, she sat on her daddy Matt’s knee, grinning away. “Next, she said, “By 6pm she was taken to the hospital’s resuscitation department. At 11.04pm she was dead”

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Lizzie, 32, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, explained the condition of her daughter on the morning of the day of her young demise. She said it was unusual as normally Fleur was a cheerful baby.

She told, “It was unusual because normally she would be laughing,” she added, “she was a cheeky thing. Friendly, giggly and so well-behaved.”

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She said that at one point they got some hope as the little girl started playing with her toys.

“She was drifting in and out of consciousness, while on the way to the hospital although she had stopped fitting,” Lizzie recalled. “But, on arriving, she seemed to perk up. She started playing with toys.”

The heartbroken mother stated her daughter’s helplessness, “She was too young to articulate how she felt.”

She emotionally added, “She couldn’t say, ‘Mummy my eyes hurt; Mummy I have a bad tummy.”

Lizzie, since her daughter’s death, has raised £12,000 for Meningitis Now.

Meningitis Now is in her daughter’s name so that she is always remembered and no parent ever has to go through what Lizzie and her husband had to go through.

It could be one of the most distressing things to see your child die in your arms. It is one of the worst things to ever deal with.



Miracle baby arrived after 16 Miscarriages Dies In Just Six Hours By Meningitis