Shocking Pictures Of The World’s Most Crowded Prison Where 30 Inmates Share One Cell

Via: minds

Located in the capital city of the Philippines, Quezon City prison in Manila is notorious for its disturbing living conditions. The prison has become so overcrowded, the world is taking notice.

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The building was originally built for 800 inmates but now houses 3,800. The prison is so crowded that prisoners are forced to take turns to lie down and sleep on the cement floor.

Via: minds

Raymund Narag was only 20-years-old when he was sent to the jail after being falsely accused of murdering a young man. After serving seven years in the prison he has finally spoken about the terrifying and horrid living conditions in his book ‘Freedom and Death Inside the Jail’.

Former inmate, Raymund Narag, now a criminal justice at the Southern Illinois University in the United States