Mother Draws Adorable Illustrations Around Daughter

Thu Pham has an adorable 20-months old daughter and just like all the mothers we know, she takes a million photos of her little angel. However, Pham put the photos to good use. Using PicsArt, she creates adorable illustrations around her baby and makes cute edits.

Via Instagram: thuie

Read on and fall in the love with Mama Pham and her Baby Pham:

1. So it looks like Walter White might be facing some tough competition since this little one walked in.

All time favourite show 😍 #breakingbad #iheartaaronpaul Tagged by @_honeypunch for 7 facts on myself: 1. I am addicted to Netflix. Yes the movies are crapola but im still churning through the tv series #wishtheyupdateditmoreregularly 2. Massive Hoarder. Im pretty sure I still have party stubs lying somewhere from 15 years ago haha 3. Im a self-confessed shop-a-holic. I make reasons in my head when I need pretty things. Actually when Banks needs pretty things 😂 4. It takes me approach 2 hours from start to finish to do one #banksiiantics 5. I rather eat snacks than have dinner. #givemeallthechippieschocolatecheeseandquince 6. I was born in QLD so come Origin time – things get awkward! #gomaroons 7. Banksii was named after Banksy the artist and we decided to change the name to “ii” to sound feminine. I know it’s the scientific name for Banskia but I think we started the name trend 😃

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2. Someone is experiencing the streets in a completely new way.

Someone save me 🙈 Up late crunch time with deadlines #bankstotherescue #banksiiantics

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3. Not the happiest princess ever, right.

Monday morning is a bit like a damsel in distress #mondayitis #banksiiantics

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4. What an adorable smile.

I'd love to go camping but I love my warm snuggly bed too much 😄 #perhapsglamping #banksiiantics

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Mother Draws Adorable Illustrations Around Daughter

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