Mufasa: The Circus Lion Released After 20 Years Of Brutal Captivity

Back when we were kids, all of us loved the circus. The excitement and exhilaration of being there and watching the circus master do all the things was just so pure. We love watching these animals so much, like an elephant doing party tricks to entertain its guests.

But then you grow up and you start to learn the harsh realities of life and different things. The bubble bursts and you realize that there is another side of the picture. As kids, ever thought of these adorably entertaining animals’ life in this business? Neither did we. Well, the other side of circus’ picture is not as amusing and glittery as we know it to be, it’s rather ugly and cruel.

Almost 96% of the life of a circus animal is spent being caged in chains. Even worse thing is that the places where they are held captive are relatively smaller and do not allow them much space to move or exercise. Their lives are miserable behind the stage. No wonder Raju the elephant shed tears when he was released.

Here is another story of a circus animal gaining freedom after 20 years of captivity.

This is Mufasa. Peru has long banned the use of wild animals as circus animals. Animal Defenders international took it upon themselves to track and free each one of these animals. Mufasa was the last one to be found and released after 20 years of being chained in a rusty old truck.

A film crew recorded the whole tear-jerking scene of him being found and then released in its own habitat. Mufasa trying to find its way in the woods after being shackled in a truck for 20 years breaks your heart. But then it makes you happy at the same time as the beast is now finally where it belongs.

His name makes the story even sadder somehow.



Mufasa: The Circus Lion Released After 20 Years Of Brutal Captivity