12 of The Best #MyTeacherIsWeird Tweets By Students

A teacher is supposed to be a guide, mentor, and supporter for the students. They are just so much more than being someone with a book.

However, some teachers are something else. They are perhaps the weirdest of people we have ever met.

Some people shared their weird teacher stories on Twitter with the hashtag #MyTeacherIsWeird:

1. Now that is what I call spying skills. 

Although it is very creepy.

Via: Postize

2. Imagine how weird that would have been. 

I would have never stopped feeling awkward around that teacher.

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3. This is a rather strange way of keeping track.

How was the noise not distracting for the students?

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4. No matter how much you share the “Always” quote, Snape was a horrible and scary teacher.

I wouldn’t want a teacher who would bully me.

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12 of The Best #MyTeacherIsWeird Tweets By Students

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