The Next Simba Is Gay And People Aren’t Happy About It

It all started on April Fool’s Day when a Youtube video appeared on Twitter claiming that Disney had officially stated that Simba will be gay. The news went on to say that they were going to remake the famous classic and change the story line. Obviously, everyone lost their minds but not everyone had the same complain. While a lot of people had to say that it would completely change the classic and ruin it, there were some homophobic people as well.

Via: Pink News

Check out the Twitter reactions:

1. People weren’t happy with how they were forcing this change on the classic Disney movie.

2. There was confusion all around because apparently, this was not needed.

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3. Obviously, a change like this would require a lot of additions and modifications in the original story and no one wants that.

4. People had concerns about whether little children were ready to know about something like this.



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The Next Simba Is Gay And People Aren’t Happy About It

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