This One Minute Animal Video Must Be Watched By Everyone On The Planet!

Man, the most superior of all living beings, is the owner of this planet on the basis of his power to think and reason. Intellect is the strength that makes man rule the world and be the master of all other creatures. But this rationality isn’t always productive. It produces in him a sense of unhealthy competition, biases against others and a judgemental attitude. We look down upon fellow men on the basis of race, gender, religion and language, our basic human feature making us act inhumane. Born out of our capability to use our brains are born materialism, hatred, murder, terror, and lust.

Animals, on the other hand, share mutual homes and provide each other with shelter. The kindness of beasts and the wildness of mankind surprises our senses. Here is an ad released by Andriod that shows clips of different species sharing space and expressing love towards one another. “Be together, not the same” is the message.

The ad titled “Friends Furever” has become viral all around the globe, shared more than 6.4 million times. It was uploaded in February. The song playing in the background is Roger Miller’s Oo-De-Lally from Disney’s Robin Hood


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It teaches us all to accept others as they are and learn to live peacefully and happily with those who are not like us.

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This One Minute Animal Video Must Be Watched By Everyone On The Planet!

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