Normal People Vs Me Illustrations Bound To Crack You Up

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We’re all different from each other. We do the same everyday life things, but in a different manner. You might prefer your morning coffee dark and I might now. You might prefer scrambled eggs for breakfast and I might not. Turns out our habits rarely match each other’s habits. We just combined some of these habits in the form of illustrations for you to see and you can’t help but agree to them. Especially if you’re the clumsy type and if you wonder how your co-workers, friends and family pull of some easy day to day tasks so smoothly and you can’t, these illustrations will speak volumes to you. Take a look at them below. Enjoy.

How other people wake up vs how I wake up.


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How other people where a white shirt vs how I wear a white shirt

I have no idea how that happens to me!

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How other people sleep on the bus vs how I fall asleep on the bus

I can drool AND snore somehow.

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Normal People Vs Me Illustrations Bound To Crack You Up

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