Philippines President Ran Davao Death Squad, Accuses Hitman

Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed ex-member of the death squad, claims that Rodrigo Duterte, as the major of Davao city ordered the murder of thousands including his political rivals and a judicial officer.

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Jamisola, the justice department agent was killed after a confrontation at a roadblock. “Mayor Duterte was the one who finished him off”, Matobato, 57, told the Senate committee. According to him, the Philippines president “emptied two Uzi magazines on him”.

While the squad majorly targeted criminals such as drug dealers and rapists, Duterte assassinated various individuals over personal conflicts, including his opponent Prospero Nograles’ bodyguards, an hotelier who had a feud with his son over a woman, a foreign tourist and a radio commentator Jan Pala who was Duterte’s critic.

Matobato revealed the cruel manner in which the victims were treated, their bodies cracked open and fed to fish and crocodiles. He also told that in 1993 the then mayor had instructed the bombing of a mosque as a revenge for an attack on the Roman Catholic Davao Cathedral.

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“I didn’t kill anyone unless ordered by Charlie Mike,” he said, telling that “Charlie Mike” was the group’s code name for Duterte that played this brutal game of unjust bloodshed from the years 1988 to 2013.

Matobato has been in a government witness protection program, afraid that his life is in danger.

Leila de Lima, the chief of the Senate inquiry into extra-judicial killings, is strongly against the savage vision and agendas of the president, who has recriminated by insisting that she is involved in illegal drug trade. Lima is determined to stand up for the rights of her country’s citizens and put an end to mass murdering.

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Duterte’s spokesman, Martin Andanar, has denied the hitman’s testimony, saying that the president is not “capable of giving those orders”. His son, Paolo Duterte, said Matobato was “a madman” and averted that his assertions as “mere hearsay”.

The president’s mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano got into an argument with Lima, suggesting that Matobato is acting over a plan made to derail the government but, Lima dismissed his opinion saying that he was disrespecting the Senate’s worthy time.

Duterte, who is labelled as both “the Punisher” and “Duterte Harry” has spread terror and chaos in the Philippines since he got elected, abusing the concerns of UN Secretary and US President Barack Obama regarding his barbaric policies.









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Philippines President Ran Davao Death Squad, Accuses Hitman