These Photographs Sadly Put Photoshop To Shame

Photoshop today is one of the most widely used softwares. It brought about a revolution in the world of graphic designing and editing to the extent that it is a critical part of several degree programs in colleges. When we talk about a software like this, we cannot possible think of anything that can put the software to shame, right? Think again! These edits will definitely make you want to throw up:

1. If you are to take photos like these, you know that your skin will show. Let’s make the peek worthwhile, right?

Via: Reddit

2. I promise you that I can make better versions of this photo on MS Paint!

Via: Reddit

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3. So a photo at the beach means that a 6-pack is a must have, right? No worries everyone because Photoshop will come to rescue. 

Via: Reddit

4. These girls find it so difficult to keep their hands off of us!