The Inside Photos Of This Famous Deserted Ship Are Astonishing The World

Costa Concordia, a glamorous ship constructed by Fincantieris Sestri Ponente yards in Italy, had struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea on 13th July 2012, and had been scrapped into the port of Genoa. Now, 4 years after the incident took place, a German photographer named Jonathan Danko Kielkowski has become the first person to capture how the cruise looks like from the inside.


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Costa Concordia, built in the year 2004, voyaged from the years 2005 to 2012, until this mishap that made its captain Francesco Schettino land into jail for abandoning the passengers. This disaster killed 30 travelers while there were 3,200 of them on board, along with 1,000 crew members.


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What used to be an alluring queen of the oceans, containing a huge casino, modern theater, and 1500 cabins hosting up to  4000 guests, is now a dead place whose wreckage lays underwater and yet portrays the life it lived and speaks of those who were its guests during its last days.

This is an internal view of the luxurious cruise before its destruction



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After a glance at the above images, one imagines how the ship looks like now. Brace yourself to see photos that are history and deserve archaeological attention. Jonathan Danko Kielkowski swam through the ruins to bring the world these haunting clicks.


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The Inside Photos Of This Famous Deserted Ship Are Astonishing The World

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