The pictures of a newborn baby’s unusual expressions have gone viral. One mother has shared pictures of her baby’s unique yet hilarious expressions. The baby portrays emotions well and manages to pull so many different expressive faces.  The pictures have already attracted 39000 likes on a post on Bored Panda featuring the baby’s expressions. His mother later shared the pictures on her Instagram.

Puzzled, shocked and contented, this baby can hilariously makeup any expression there is. Danny is one versatile child and he’s definitely the most expressive baby we have seen!

Via: dailymail

Baby Danny has achieved internet fame at such a young age due to his hilariously mature expressions.

Via: dailymail

Danny here tries pulling off the blue steel look from the movie Zoolander and does an exceptional job at imitating those expressions.

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In this photo, baby Danny’s mouth is open in shock with his eyes wide open.

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His puzzled expression with his cute little eyebrows raised, is one of our favorite!

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He definitely knows how to celebrate some sort of victory as he raises his wrist victoriously!

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Baby Danny is not impressed. This is his ‘uninterested’ expression!

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Such an expressive face! How many other newborns have you seen before pulling off such a devious smile?

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And then there’s Danny’s charming  and delightful side!


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