Pinterest Expectation VS Reality!


This Lego cake made us think we can turn out to be a perfect cake chef!


But Oops! Maybe we were wrong about it. Lego cake actually turned out to be smashed with nothing looking like a ‘Lego Cake’.

2# Expectation

The polar bear cake pops seemed Cute AF! Thought I’ll make and eat all of them alone.


In reality, the polar bear cake pops turned out to be smudgy pop with a shaky star-shaped nose. Oops!

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3# Expectation

 The properly cooked mushroom enclosed fried eggs with brown bread is a perfect duo for breakfast!


But what if it turns out like this? So much for a good looking breakfast expectations.

4# Expectation

The snowmen -looking Oreo balls with an Oreo cap on the top look deliciously YUM!


But who knew that the perfectly shaped Oreo balls actually would turn out in irregular shape with weird expressionless faces.