You Won’t Believe These Places Were Once Industrial Sites!

Companies spend billions of dollars to build fully functioning industrial sites. However, these megastructures are never built forever. They have their life and once it’s over, nothing can be done to salvage them. Some meet an early death due to fires and other severe incidents. However, neglecting these structures won’t do nay good since they don’t look very appealing when dead so some people decided to give them a little makeover. Check out the amazing results:

1. The Seattle Gasworks Park was once a gassification plant in Seattle. It ran on coal and was operational from 1906 to 1956. It covered over 19 acres of land so it wasn’t smart to let so much land remain unused. It began operating as a park in 1975. 

Via Flickr: Mark Doliner

2. 2,200 acres of land were spent on the Freshkills Landfill. In 2008, work on in began to convert it into a set of parks bigger than the Central Park in Manhattan! It will complete by 2035 but one of its parks, Schmul Park is open for public. 

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3. The 38 acre land was a dump site for glass, vehicles and what not from 1949 until 1967. When the dumping stopped, the beached was cleaned under several cleanup drives until it was bought by the California Department of Parks and Recreation in 2002. Today, it is a major tourist site. 

Via Flickr: John Krzesinski

4. The Cheonggyecheon stream in South Korea. It was once extremely dirty and was covered with concrete. However, after $90 million were spent on it, it became a major tourist attraction. 

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You Won’t Believe These Places Were Once Industrial Sites!

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