Police Officers Refuse To Stop ‘Standing Rock Rising’ – Return Badges in Protest

As per the Standing Rock Rising page on Facebook, two policemen returned their badges in protest of the pipeline. Redhawk on the page claims that the policemen believed that they did not join the forces to stop a cause like this, and hence return their badges and put down their weapons.

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Standing Rock Rising is a campaign by the North Dakota Sioux tribe. The North Dakota pipeline’s construction has been meeting resistance since the start.

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The news of the policemen returning their badges is now an added advantage to the protesters since the believe that the are on the right track. This further proves that people within the system agree that the problem is not being dealt with properly if this remains the course of action.

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Via: Standing Rock Rising Facebook Page

On the other hand, the President of the United States Barack Obama has stated that a reroute of the $3.8 million Dakota pipeline project is being considered. He believes that it is necessary for the native American culture to remain preserved.

Via: Redhawk GoFundMe Page

However, video footage continues to show the use of pepper sprays and tear gas on the peaceful protesters. The use of non lethal projectiles has also been confirmed.

Via: Standing Rock Rising Facebook Page



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Police Officers Refuse To Stop ‘Standing Rock Rising’ – Return Badges in Protest

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