Police In Cheshire Jokingly ‘Breathalyzed’ A Toddler And The Internet Loved It!

Police officers jokingly breathalyzed a toddler who was erratically moving towards them in her pink ride.

Via: Facebook

The good-natured Police officers stopped her pink plastic car and breathalyzed her when they were trying to seize an uninsured vehicle.

The Police’s spokesperson said humorously, “Thankfully, the tot’s reading was clear and she was free to go.”

The picture had a caption, “Officers asked the drivers parents if she had been drinking. They replied she’d had a couple of bottles that morning”

The adorable picture got instant fame, it has garnered 14k likes and hundreds of people poured in their views on the picture in the comment section.

One comment said, “Fantastic picture, love the humor on this page. Think it’s brilliant they took a spare minute to spend some time with this little girl!”

Another, Jim Oliphant, joked, “Speeding, underage driving, driving not in accordance with their license, throw the book at them I say…NO McDonalds for at least a week.”

And one woman, Hayle Goodrum, applauded the police, “I think this is brilliant! Lots of kids are intimidated/nervous around police. I’ve always tried to convince my children the police are around to look after us and help us….as well as take bad people away. Police should be seen as approachable and this light-hearted interaction shows this little girl and onlookers exactly that!”

But, there are all sorts of people around the world, there were a lot of hate comments too, saying that the police was being irresponsible and was not focusing on their duty.

So, one woman shut them up with a perfect response, “Can all of those whinging honestly say they have never had a bit of banter at work or taken time out to have some fun?? The police have a hard job to do which can be very stressful at times, a few minutes taken to do something light hearted not only helps them but shows that they are human. They are allowed a sense of humor you know.. This could have been done in their break or just after they finished for the day too!!”

We agree with the woman. It was just a harmless joke which resulted in a cute picture.



Police In Cheshire Jokingly ‘Breathalyzed’ A Toddler And The Internet Loved It!