Police Dogs In China Waiting For Food Are Better At Lining Up Than Most Humans

Chinese police and armed forces train their dogs to do multiple tasks including turning lights off and on and identifying bombs and other weapons. The dogs assist their masters in tracking down criminals and in handling cases where drugs are involved.  Not only do they accompany the policemen and soldiers on duty but they share a special bond with their humans. Various photos show that these faithful animals are always there to help out the men in uniform and are much loved by them. No wonder that they possess the intelligence to learn to behave well-mannered and can live an organized life.


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A photo of 6 dogs from Chinese police waiting in straight queue to get their food has gone viral. Little cuties can be seen patiently waiting for their turn, holding their bowls in their mouths at police dog academy. It is through proper training that these dogs have acquired this habit. This indicates that investing time in teaching dogs how to act systematically can turn out amazingly fruitful.


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A similar photo of border patrol service dogs was taken in 1940 at Finland, circa, which affirms that dogs indeed are capable of adopting a civilized attitude.


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A Hangzhou-based police dog trainer said, “A good police dog needs to meet these four requirements: good looking, big appetite, courageous and possessive”. Last week, a four-month course in dog training had started in Harbin in Northeastern China. Photos from the training portray the activities shared by the trainers and their pooch friends.


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Police Dogs In China Waiting For Food Are Better At Lining Up Than Most Humans

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