Every Pregnant Woman Will Laugh And Cry At These Tweets

Via Twitter: XplodingUnicorn

While you are pregnant, the struggle to do even the most basic functions is real. From bending to pick up something to even sleep in bed without waking up every thirty minutes to pee. These tweets are so hilarious and relate-able that every pregnant woman will both laugh and cry at them:

1. It is better to forget about something completely when it falls on the floor because picking it up is such a real struggle!

Via Twitter: mamerwin

2. How gross would it be if the baby actually passed urine in the mother’s belly?!

Via Twitter: XplodingUnicorn

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3. Imagine how traumatising must it be for a baby to live in a confined space where it is dark and warm. 

Via Twitter: zoevsuniverse

4. How long does it take to get ready? I mean if someone wants to play, you can at least hurry up and come out, right?

Via Twitter: XplodingUnicorn



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Every Pregnant Woman Will Laugh And Cry At These Tweets

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