Psychology Professor Understands His Students’ Stress And Has Some Amazing Tricks To Cope With It

Alina Ramirez is just another senior in high school in Oxnard, California.

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Her Intro to the Psychology professor, Brett Phillips who gave his class a long list of ‘101 ways to cope with stress’.

Ramirez highlighted her most favorite ones.

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Phillips is an expert in his subject and understands that his students are prone to get stressed in pressing situations.

Via: Twitter
The young student states that her professor is very well acquainted with his students and their issues of facing stress in their academics as well as in their personal lives.

The provided list is a perfect combination of “ideological” and “specific” tips.

For example, If number 57 is, “Work at being cheerful and optimistic,” then number 59 is, “Do everything in moderation.”

Again, if number 56 is, “Do it today,” then number 83 is, “Play patty-cake with a toddler.”

The best part is the bonus at the end, “Relax, take each day at a time… you have the rest of your life to live”

Ramirez found the list so helpful and inspirational that she posted it on her twitter account. And around 22,000 friends and strangers retweeted it.

Guess, professor Phillips is not just a star for his own students now.

Her twitter was swirled with responses thanking her for sharing it.

Phillips consciously puts stress in his curriculum’s initial chapters because he understands that the youngsters of today are facing a lot of stress owing to a lot of reasons. This is the 10th batch that he has given this amazing list to.

Ramirez now always keeps this list in her binder and looks through it whenever she is stressed due to any academic or personal problem.

The psychology professor is not one of those people who just suggest others, he uses most of these tricks to keep going on in life himself.

This list seems like it could genuinely help with stress and other stress-induced problems. If you are a student and you feel stressful or anxious with the burden of studies and personal life, this list could help you a lot. We believe that not just students but this list could help anybody who is determined and wants to make the best of their lives.

Say NO to stress and keep going!



Psychology Professor Understands His Students’ Stress And Has Some Amazing Tricks To Cope With It