This Woman Recreates Kate Middleton’s Looks And We’re Impressed!

Kate Middleton can carry off any look at all with such perfect that you often wonder if there is anything that doesn’t look nice on her. However, she has a massive fan, Kate Urbanska, who recreates every prominent look of hers in half the price! Nonetheless, Urbanska has spent £7,000 on clothes trying to recreate the looks of the Duchess of Cambridge. She is also a huge fan of Meghan Markle and says that she might also copy her style someday:

1. Urbanska isn’t wearing exactly what her Royal Highness is wearing, but she found a dress that almost looks the same from The TopShop

2. These dresses from Alice Temperley are extremely graceful and the tiny sailboats on them are an almost fashion statement.

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3. These jackets always look fashionably good on women. This one is from Perfect Moment and the shoes are from New Balance.

4. This matching skirt and jacket are from Hobbs and are completely on point when paired with a baby collared shirt.



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This Woman Recreates Kate Middleton’s Looks And We’re Impressed!

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