This Rescue Dog Now Works At The Vet’s Clinic To Help Other Animals

When Maui was rescued and adopted by a woman who works at a vet clinic, she was terrified of absolutely everything, even the tiniest and simplest things. She had spent the first eight months of her life with a backyard breeder, trapped in a shed.

Via: TheDodo

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“Maui had a rough start and was so unsure about everything,” Linda Orlowski-Smith, Maui’s mom, told The Dodo.

“Luckily I deal with animals all day through my work and I knew to not push her or baby her, but to just do our normal routine and let her find her way in her own time. She was so bad that she would projectile vomit if we even tried to use a string as a leash.”

Via: TheDodo

The poor baby was still struggling and having a tough time adjusting when, about six months later, her parents adopted a Great Dane mix named Maple. Fortunately, the two dogs got along instantly and Maui found a new sister.

“Maui finds confidence through Maple if she’s unsure about any situation,” Orlowski-Smith said.

Via: TheDodo