Official: You Can Now Upload Knowledge Directly into Your Brain [Video]

If you are a fan of The Matrix (1999) this will excite you.

In the science fiction, Keanu Reeves’ (Neo), got martial arts uploaded into his brain via a cable connected to a computer and attached to his brain. He learned all about martial arts and was able to perform them like an expert.

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The exciting bit is that all that you have seen and imagined through all this year as a fan could be a reality.  A team of researchers in America is working towards creating such a technology. Now, how cool is that?

Researchers from Hughes Research Laboratories, California, have come up with a technique of speedy learning, the technique somewhat similar to the one that was applied in the movie seventeen years ago. The researchers announced that they have developed a simulator which would directly feed information to the human brain as well as teach them new skills.
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According to the official website of Hughes Research Laboratory (HRL), the researchers have discovered over the years that low current stimulation in the brain modulates our learning of the complex world skills.

It is not the first, though,  that somebody is talking about such technology.

Previously, in 2011, a group of scientists in Boston College, ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, Japan, predicted the possibility of such technology that would facilitate human beings in learning new information and skills.




Official: You Can Now Upload Knowledge Directly into Your Brain [Video]

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