It Looks Like The Royal Family Has A Very Royal Sense Of Humor

It is difficult not to love a family that looks as classy as the Royal Family of the United Kingdom. The love is going to intensify in a while because the family also has a great sense of humor! From the Queen to Prince Harry, everyone knows how to crack a little joke and make everyone laugh. Check out some of the most hilarious moments:

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1. When questioned about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, and the arrival of her great-grandchild, the Queen was witty enough to claim that she wanted the baby to be born soon so she could go on her holiday. 

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2. Once, Kate Middleton and Prince William got late for an event. When they were asked about it, Kate replied: “William had to do his hair.

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3. When Prince George of Cambridge was born, the entire UK rejoiced. When Prince Charles was asked if he was happy or not, this was his reply:

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It Looks Like The Royal Family Has A Very Royal Sense Of Humor

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