Russia Kills 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS

US, Isreali, Turkish, British and Saudi Arabian intelligence officers were killed in a Russian attack at Dar Ezza region of Western Aleppo, occupied by militants. Three Caliber missiles were fired at the place where the group had gathered for a meeting. This was preceded by an unsuccessful ceasefire in the country, violated by the US.

The attack was reported by Russia’s Sputnik news agency. “Russian warships fired caliber rockets onto the command posts of the terrorists in western Aleppo, where Turkish, Saudi, Israeli, UK and US officers are deployed to aid their operations,” the agency told. However, there still are speculations that the incident might not have happened. For, while Sputnik news says it took place on Tuesday, this conflicts with the claims of Iranian Fars news agency. “The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers”, on “Wednesday”, they insist. Some resources confirmed the news and yet the disagreement over details is making the international community question if it is just a fabricated story.

FILE: 30 Foreign Intelligence Officers Including Israelis Killed in Russia Missile Attack

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Russia has been aiding Syria in getting rid of US-backed ISIS and other terrorist organizations. The US is its strong opponent, training militants and supplying them resources to derail Assad-regime and the tension between the two is expanding every day. Recently in an interview, a al-Nusra Front commander revealed that ISIS is in Western hands. He told a German Journalist that how his “rebel” group is provided with tanks and other weapons by the US and Saudia via Turkey and Libya.

The fact that the US has remained silent on the matter despite its tradition of blaming Russia for its losses and the death of its foreign officers has got no media coverage indicates that the US has good reasons not to own them and their activities.

The incident can be a reaction to US’s airstrike that killed 62 Syrian soldiers and injured various just 2 weeks ago. This was followed by a strike by ISIS within 7 minutes, proving that the organization was well-informed about the US plan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with U.S. President Barack Obama in Hangzhou in eastern China's Zhejiang province, Monday, Sept. 5, 2016. (Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with U.S. President Barack Obama in Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province.

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US had also held Russia responsible for the bombing of a UN aid convoy in Aleppo, which was actually the result of a US hellfire drone attack.

Diplomatic cooperation between Russia and the US has come to an end and this incident might be the reason. “I think everybody’s patience with Russia has run out,” US press secretary Josh Earnest said. He added that “There is nothing more for the United States and Russia to talk about with regard to trying to reach an agreement that would reduce the violence inside of Syria. And that’s tragic.” Fox news had announced that Russia has constructed an anti-missile system to empower the government of Bashar al-Assad against the US.

“Russia has been observing the agreement unilaterally for quite a long time, but now it no longer sees such a situation as possible amid the tensions,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov had put forward Russian point of view.

Cooperation among the two was the only hope for troubled Syrians but turns out that more will become victims to this endless battle for power.



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Russia Kills 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS