These Are The Most Savage And Bad-Ass Wives Ever

There is no doubt that if you have a savage wife at home, your day automatically becomes so much more joyful. Who doesn’t enjoy a little humor and sarcasm at home? Besides, relationships are a lot more fun and long-lasting when you’re friends first, and husband-wife later. Check out what some of these bad-ass wives did:

1. Why should the Halloween spirit be limited to a night only? This wife wanted to go to work wearing her costume and I just love her confidence!

2. If you have a number plate for your car that looks like this, you deserve to be trolled. 

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3. It is his birthday and she decides to be the excellent role-model wife that she is, and bake him a cake. 

4. If your husband resembles someone popular, like a dog on a flea shampoo packaging, you must flaunt it.