These Are The Most Savage Wikipedia Edits Ever!

No one really counts Wikipedia as a proper reference or source but we all use it for the quick information that we need. Since everyone can edit it, it often gives the internet trolls and pranksters a chance to show their creaitivity. Here are some of the most savage and golden edits that were made:

1. So Charlie Sheen was apparently linked to a lot of drugs and porn stars and this person wasn’t just going to let this opportunity go. 

2. If you have ever studied Thermodynamics, you know how basic but important these laws are. It won’t hurt anyone if they were turned into a little Fight Club-esque rules. 

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3. So if there is a list of serial killers and someone is viewing them, you really need to give them a little reminder that the list doesn’t need to be expanded. 

4. Replacing the picture of a person with that of a cockroach? Hmmm.