Can You Believe That These Scenes Were Actually Just Improvisations!

We all know that some actors have created some of the best scenes in movies as a result of mere improvisations but you will be surprised to know some improvisations from a few of our favorite movies. Actors including Julia Roberts, Robin Williams etc. all did this in some of the best movies. Check these out:

1. Richard Gere shut the box of the necklace that he was giving to Julia Roberts. He suddenly shut the box which wasn’t planned and her response was completely improvised. 

2. Remember when Jack Sparrow danced on a song about a jar of dirt? Well, he made it up himself. Other improvisations include his famous dialogues like “Now bring me that horizon“ and, ”You’re not a eunuch are you?”

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3. Jon Bradley pretended in The Roman Holiday that his hand was bit off which was caught on camera. Audrey Hepburn’s reaction was original and it became a part of the film.

4. Salma Hayek laid on George Clooney in a scene of From Dusk Till Dawn saying that she would make him her slave to which he replied, “no thanks, I’ve been married.”

Via: Miramax