Can You Believe That These Scenes Were Actually Just Improvisations!

We all know that some actors have created some of the best scenes in movies as a result of mere improvisations but you will be surprised to know some improvisations from a few of our favorite movies. Actors including Julia Roberts, Robin Williams etc. all did this in some of the best movies. Check these out:

1. Richard Gere shut the box of the necklace that he was giving to Julia Roberts. He suddenly shut the box which wasn’t planned and her response was completely improvised. 

Via: Walt Disney Studios

2. Remember when Jack Sparrow danced on a song about a jar of dirt? Well, he made it up himself. Other improvisations include his famous dialogues like “Now bring me that horizon“ and, ”You’re not a eunuch are you?”

Via: Walt Disney Studios

3. Jon Bradley pretended in The Roman Holiday that his hand was bit off which was caught on camera. Audrey Hepburn’s reaction was original and it became a part of the film.

Via: Paramount Pictures

4. Salma Hayek laid on George Clooney in a scene of From Dusk Till Dawn saying that she would make him her slave to which he replied, “no thanks, I’ve been married.”

Via: Miramax



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Can You Believe That These Scenes Were Actually Just Improvisations!

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