Super Cute Back-to-School Supplies Of Kids From The 80s

Since everyone talks about the 90s kids, it feels like the 80s kids are getting ignored. However, we found some cute supplies these kids wouldn’t go to school without and we just fell in love with them. Who says they were outdated? You are going to crave these supplies from the 80s.

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Check them out:

1. Metal lunch boxes were very important. You were considered cooler if you had one with the latest and coolest cartoons on because that defined swag back then.

2. These thermos flasks were another fashion statement. 

However, the extremely cool kids had matching thermos flasks and lunch boxes. HOW COOL!

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3. These binders were the way of life! 

I remember finding one in my cousin’s room and I didn’t understand how something like this didn’t exist anymore!

4. The paper reams that would go with these were available in all sizes and were already punched so you wouldn’t waste any time drawing margin lines or punching holes in them. 

Time to choreograph. #looseleafpaper #tapdance #taplife #bucketlist

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Super Cute Back-to-School Supplies Of Kids From The 80s

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